Rakaa Holding Company

Strategically aligned with long-term economic and sociological trends, RAKAA is ever more widely known as a leading international company. Since our founding in 1982, RAKAA’s impressive growth has closely paralleled the emergence and development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a commercially sophisticated internationally successful modern nation. Playing a key role in the nation building process has offered RAKAA a highly proactive forward facing outlook that helps maintain and accelerate the pace at development within the Kingdom.

RAKAA Holding Company along with all the companies in the RAKAA group has built an enviable reputation for commercial expertise, high quality performance and service delivery. We have translated our clear sighted vision into major projects and achievements in many fields of Endeavour. RAKAA Holding Company built on this foundation to set out challenging, creative plans for further development across the full spectrum of the group’s activities. Plans that provide for sustainable growth in the fields of


     ¤ Real estate and development
     ¤ Power and water technology
     ¤ Military and security supplies
     ¤ Medical supplies


RAKAA Companies operate successfully in all these areas providing practical and innovative answers to the ever-evolving needs of our modern world. Discover how we apply our well developed expertise to add value to our operations and those of at our clients and business partners. Working together as companies within the group and together with our clients, market and all of us together.

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