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Concluded in Dubai World Trade Centre for Conferences and Exhibitions events "Cityscape 2007" amid a remarkable and post more than 120 countries, including 300 exhibitors Local representing companies in various local, also saw the show flocked around more than 45 thousand between companies and investors Realtors and interested visitors and media and different personalities. Has seen the exhibition, which was held on a vast area of ​​70 thousand square meters, holding a huge real estate deals observers said that it was difficult to restrict them, but different sources speculated that the figures exceeded a trillion dollars. Meanwhile, sources indicated that media close to the event that the "Cityscape 2007" witnessed a great development in the type of services provided, has appeared implications for improved levels of transparency and amend and enact new laws that protect investment and investors, and enhance Dubai's position as an environment safe investment, as well to search permanent and continuing what is new to promote the development of real estate industry. As the form of the show points of attraction for many real estate companies developed with it belongs to the country flourish real estate sector has witnessed a booth Rakaa Properties primarily on the corridors of Cityscape Real Estate - one of the most international exhibitions in the field of real estate and architecture - a high turnout by many senior developers interested in the property at the local level and the Arab world. And on the reasons for this new phenomenon, said Dr. Abdul Rahman Tassan, CEO of Rakaa Properties real estate arm of the company Rakaa Saudi Holding: The UAE is characterized by a great reputation, and a high level of confidence among investors, which her family to inform the rank large in the world of real estate attracted interested all investment and real estate development, this is it has become the focus of observers is no secret to a what we have reached Dubai from station major global to attract real estate investments so, and to the extent that one almost the thought that there are no more inch Ready for a project after he was invested vast tracts for projects that would constitute a sign of real estate changed the face of Dubai and the region, and constitute a breakthrough in the real estate industry Arab at the local and the global, Today we hear about attracting Dubai large base of visitors to add to the achievements architectural achievements again put in the foreground is not at the level of the local level but regional, Arab and even global which encouraged us to keep our investments and we believe that we are a solid foot in this area. The whole observers attending the exhibition present that Dubai was able to devote its capital economic unique tourism including having the policy of openness and to stimulate and investment laws, in addition to it the goal was able to attract him leading real estate companies in the world not to mention the large numbers that shattered at the level of posts and investments and attendance year after year

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