Rakaa Medical Company Products

-General equipment and medical furniture

      (BENMORE)        http://www.benmormedical.co.uk/ 

      (MESPA)            http://www.mespa.com.tr/ 

      (VERNIPOLL)      http://www.vernipoll.it/ 


Patient scales, examination tables, trolleys, IV poles, dressing carts, wheel chairs, instrument tables, stretchers , over bed tables , bed side cabinets , both manual patient beds &  electrical beds , ICU beds,  gynecology beds, electronic delivery tables patient transfer chairs, blood drawing chairs, electronic dialysis chairs, pediatric beds and incubators and baby cots, examination tables, dressing tables, mayo tables. Companies represented in this field are: Benmore of the UK, MESPA Healthcare Products of Turkey, and Vernipoll  SrL of  Italy.


-Non-medical furniture, executive offices and other furniture


Hospital manager offices, doctor’s offices, supply carts, waiting rooms’ furniture, sofas, chairs, conference rooms’ furniture. Companies represented in this field are a group of companies from China, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf Cooperation Council.


-Kitchen equipment:

        (Helix)   http://www.helixkf.com 


Work tables , gas & electric ovens, refrigerators , meat and poultry preparation tables, single and double-sink units ,work cupboards ,service trolleys , vegetable slicers , dish washer machines , soup mixers and blenders ,salad preparation  refrigerators ,meat bone saw, knife sterilization machines, hot and cold food transport trolleys. Companies represented in this field include Helix International, Italy 


-Laundry Equipment:

       (Kannegieser )     http://www.kannegiesser.de/ 

       (Permak )           http://www.permak.com.tr/ 


Damp box ,sewing machine, medical barrier washers and extractor, iron flat steam heated/spreader and feeder /combination, sealing machines , ironing boards, dryers, utility presses , linen trucks, dry cleaning machines, vacuum spotting boards, steam-air form finishers, automatic packaging machines drying tumblers, storage racks, clean and dirty linen trolleys, rising platform trucks. Companies represented in this field include Kannegieser of Gemrany and Permak of Turkey.



-Orthopedics and Foot and Hand surgery instruments and implants.

        (KLS Martin of Germany)      http://www.klsmartin.com 


Orthopedic surgery instruments, trauma surgery instruments, instruments and implants for foot and hand surgery, plates and  screws (ISIS) for the shoulder system, distal radial plates, screws and instruments  for wrist surgery and shoulder system,  HPSE 2 Scaphpoid , cumulated screws for hand screws, dynamic martin screws for femur and trochanteric fractures. Companies represented in this field include KLS Martin of Germany.



-Physiotherapy equipemnt.


We provide a wide range of physiotherapy equipments and  any kind of physiotheraphy equipments as per customer requirements and specification . }can be made and available on your request. 



- And many Miscellaneous items serves the medical field.


Waste containers, utility trolleys, ceiling and window curtains, water cooler units, patient file storage systems and file trolleys, fax machines, nurse station counters. Companies represented in this field are a group of companies from the USA, China, Western Europe and , Saudi Arabia.


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